Bay And Bow Windows Installation

Bay and bow windows are a popular choice for homeowners that want to increase the natural light in certain rooms, to make it appear much bigger and brighter inside. These windows can help add to the aesthetic of the outside of your home as well. So, what are bay and bow windows? Bay and bow windows are a combination of two or more window units, joined together in an angle. A bow window is joined at three angles, a bay window is joined at two angles, and a single angle is referred to as an air care. If you don’t have any bow or bay windows installed in your home but are thinking about it, you will want to consider some of the benefits. Features of these windows include: Great for growing plants Since you’ll be adding more windows to your space, you will find that it will be easier to keep your plants alive. With all the sunlight they will be getting, even those without a green thumb will find their plants are flourishing. Makes rooms feel bigger and brighter The extra sunlight will not only make your plants grow better and faster, but it will make your rooms feel bigger. The brighter a room is, the more spacious it will seem to those inside. Customization Flexible vinyl connectors offer many different angles and build-out positions, so you can customize your window exactly how you want it. This way, you have complete control and can design it to complement your home. Decorative options At Smart Choice Windows and Door Systems Inc., we have decorative skirt and roof options available with bay and bow windows. Taking customization one step further, you can enhance the curb appeal of your home with these decorative options. Whether you’re looking to put your property on the real estate market or just want to improve the look of your home, a little curb appeal is never a bad idea. Smart Choice Windows and Door Systems Inc. specializes in installing and replacing bay and bow windows. Our trained experts can help you design the perfect combination to complement the look of your home. Whether you want to expand the size of a room or up the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, a bay or bow window is a great option. Contact Smart Choice Windows and Door Systems Inc. to request a quote today.


What material are your windows made from?

Our windows are UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride)


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